Things to Consider for Starting a Hairdressing Business

A haircut, a trim, hair coloring, and blow dry - everyone gets them. So, you know there is a ready market, if you start a hairdressing business. The only question is, should you? Do you have the relevant skills to start your own hairdressing business? Are you ready to start a hairdressing business? Let’s find out

Facts about hairdressing business

Before you start your hairdressing business, you should be sure of two facts – ability and experience, and uniqueness.

Hairdressing is a people based business that depends on one’s ability to transform any kind of hair into an attractive masterpiece. So, giving a bad haircut can be traumatizing, for both, the client and the business. An unhappy client means no repeat customers and quite possibly, harmful word-of-mouth advertising. Having experience in the hairdressing business can help reduce the risks involved in starting-up.

Fact two, what makes you unique? What will draw clients through your doors? Having a unique service offering will enhance your hairdressing business.

What all do you need to know to start the business?

Now that you grasp the important facts that help create a successful hairdressing business, you need to develop a viable hairdressing business plan. The answers to each of questions listed below will help you develop a successful business plan:

Who is your target audience?
Do you have a location?
Do you plan on buy an existing business, start up a new business or purchase a franchise?
Do you have a marketing strategy to bring in customers?
Do you have sufficient funds to set-up shop?     
Do you plan to buy or rent equipment?
Do you understand the legal requirements involved?
Do you have a potent product supplier?

Hiring people to assist you

If you are planning to setup a large hairdressing business, you will also have to take into consideration the hiring process. Always hire licensed and qualified professionals. Analyze each candidate on their skill sets, friendliness, and appearance. Impressions count! A smart, stylish hairdresser will help promote the right image. Last but not least, focus on quality as much as quantity.


Every business has the potential to earn, but the amount of profit will vary depending on factors such as location, clientele, services provided, season etc. To ensure that you are successful, you need to maintain a careful balance between costs and overheads. You should also factor in slow days or seasons to prevent it from affecting your business drastically.

To summarize, hairdressing is a people based business that depends on one’s ability to transform any kind of hair into an attractive masterpiece. So, if you are not a qualified hairdresser, the first step, you need to take is to get qualified. If you are an experienced hairdresser, look before you leap. A hairdressing business, even one run from the comfort of your home will take time and effort to establish and flourish, so make sure that every aspect is in place before you begin.


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