Chic Summer Hair Styles for All

With the approaching summer, a mixture of old and new looks, and hairstyles are emerging in the fashion world. While for men ‘short hair for summer’ is the popular choice, hairstylists for women are experimenting with hairstyles fitting medium to long hair lengths. To look gorgeous this summer, you can try some these very simple hairstyles.

Summer Hairstyles for Women

From loose curls, pretty braids, and short chic hairstyles for women, here is a collection, which will help you get ready within minutes, for any occasion this summer. 

The ‘girl next door’ fishtail look:

To upgrade from the regular braids, the sleek and polished fishtail is the way to go. While getting ready for a pool party or for a night-out with friends this summer, this look is easy to create. Blow-dry your hair first and apply a mousse to smoothen out the frizz. Braid your hair at one side into a sleek fishtail till about an inch of the section of hair left. Secure this section of hair with a rubber band to complete the style.

Casual is pretty

With the summer heat, many do not feel comfortable in complex hairstyles. Keeping that in mind, a simple high ponytail if carried well, can add glamour to your look this summer. It is an effortless hair-do and can be carried well with dresses, shorts, trunks, and so on. Use your fingers and not a brush, to pull your hair back into a ponytail, and secure it with a band to get the carefree, casual look.

Twist it up

This is a minimum fuss style for a hot summer day. It is stylish, chic, and elegant at the same time. You need the least amount of effort to pull off this style. To obtain the look, apply mousse to wet hair and blow-dry to create volume. Section you hair into middle and side portions, wrap each section individually, and secure with pins at the back of your head. Once all the sections are secured in their place, use a spray to maintain the look.

Summer Styles for Men

As mentioned above, short and chic hairstyles are in vogue for men, this season. All you have to tell your hairstylist is to let loose and cut all the extra curls, to give you the macho, smart look. Use gel or highlights to jazz up your look for a party this summer.

Hairstylist aspirants this summer, can look for the best cheapest hairdressing course in Montreal, and watch out for the latest trends this season to obtain an edge over others in the market. For novice stylists, the mantra is to keep it simple and not be engaged in creating complex styles, which you cannot cut easily.


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