Hairdressing Tips for Long Hair

Long hair is irresistible to many girls. They love long and luscious locks. They love long hair so that they can style their hair all the time beyond just straighten hair each day. They can ponytail their hair or braid it. However, while there are so many advantages with long hair, when it comes to comfort, long hair makes you think twice. 

Back-brushing the long hair

Back brushing long hair is a technique that gives volume to your hair and adds weight. When back brushing, you need to brush your hair backwards right from the top to the roots.

While back brushing, use your brush to gently stroke your hair so that the hair tangles slightly. Slightly tangled hair should bind together so that a texture of soft padding is formed. Now you can dress your hair to create a shape that is fuller. Continue back brushing until full shape is formed.   

A section of the hair from the head can be held while gently stoking the hair. Finished section of the hair may be kept separate so that the hair doesn’t get knotted. The dressed hair may be fixed using a spray such as aerosol. 

Back combing the long hair

Backcombing in comparison to back brushing adds greater support to the design of the long hair. The application of backcombing is made at the root. With the help of the comb, short hair can be turned in a section, so your dressed hair gets support and volume.

Depending on the location you want to create shape, you will pick a section of your hair and place the comb at the root under the section. Without pushing your comb too far, you may now push your hair down in the direction of the roots. Repeat the movement along the length to the ends of the hair.  

When working on a section back combing it, it needs to remain separated from other sections finished now so that the hair doesn’t get knotted. Back combing must be repeated up until when the desired shape is achieved.

Any one who wants to learn hair dressing as a hobby must learn how to hair dress including the techniques back combing and back brushing the long hair. Back combing and back brushing are used to give the desired shape, volume and stability to the hair style you choose to put on.



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