Playing with Hair Colors (Trends 2013)

Hairstyles no doubt can do wonders to your appearance. A hairstyle that suites your face contour and fits your personality can add confidence to your outlook. Hair color is a great way to experiment with your hair style and can add elegance and style to your appearance. There are a variety of coloring options available, and a professional stylist can guide you to choose a style and color that will suite your complexion and personality the most. Also, new trends and hair coloring techniques are getting updated continuously, providing you with lot more options to experiment. In the section below we will see some of the latest trends that are popular with the masses at present.

Latest trends in Hair Colors

A professional who is looking for a career in hairdressing needs to know few tricks to make hair colors tailor-made for their customers. Not all colors suits everyone and a hairstylist should be able to provide what the customer has in mind. Discussed below are few tips and latest hair color trends of 2013.

Dip-dye hair color

Hairstyling and fashion industry go hand-in-hand. If you are follow fashion, you would have noticed this hair color emerging as a favorite choice in the red-carpet events lately. As suggested by the name, the tips of the hair are dipped in color leaving the rest of the hair in its natural hue. The style goes perfectly well with short hairstyles, feathered, giving a very modern and trendy look. Don’t be upset if you have long, voluminous hair, the style goes very well with such hair-type as well. Since not all your hair is colored, you can go a little wild with the colors and get extravagant red or blue ends.

Dip-dye hair color photos

Ombré hair color

As mentioned it is very important that the hair color you choose should match your complexion and your hair-type. This hairstyle goes very well with brunettes and looks ravishing when you have those long locks to flaunt.

Ombré hair color photos



Now, this is a hair coloring trend catching up with Blonds like wild fire. These trendy highlights create an illusion of volume, and are suitable for those who have thin, straight hair. This color has been a favorite with fashion icons since the last decade.

Balayage photos

Bronde or "brown blonde

This mixture of blond and brunette colors made it into the Fashion World when a popular supermodel Gisele Bundchen sported it in an event in 2007. The unique combination has ever since been a favorite among many fashion icons. The color looks good on fair and also dusky skin complexions.

Brown blonde photos





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