How to Protect your Hair in Winter

Winter time demands extra protections for your skin and hair. During winter, than any other time of year, you are more prone to dryness of hair, hair fall, rough hair and split ends. Poor or weak hair needs a lot attention in winter. Many private hairdressing courses teach stylists about different ways to lock hair moisture. Given below are a few cost-friendly ways you can protect your hair in winter.

Importance of hair moisture

Most winter hair problems occur due to loss of moisture from hair. Cold temperatures draw out moisture from your hair and leave them dry. It also prevents your scalp from secreting natural oil into your hair roots that nourish your hair. Preventing moisture loss is one of the important subjects taught to potential hairstylists in private hairdressing courses.

One way of preventing moisture loss in winter is avoiding hairstyles that require your hair open. Try hairstyles that tie up your hair securely. Open hair allows moisture to seep out of your hair easily. Try hairstyles like buns, plaits, and ponytails to reduce moisture loss. You can get tips from local hairdressing workshops about closed hairstyles for winter. Another way to lock moisture in hair is using intensive hair repair products once a week. Natural nourishment products like coconut, olive and almond oils are also good for increasing moisture in hair.

Avoiding heat styling devices

Using hot styling devices is another factor that causes dryness in your hair. Just like skin, hair can experience shock going from cold conditions to sudden hot conditions. It can cause brittle hair and hair fall. If you do need to use hair styling tools on your hair, it is a good idea to air dry your hair thoroughly and use a curling or flat iron to finish your style.

Choose branded styling products that offer even heat distribution. Cheap styling devices may be made from low quality materials and can cause hair to burn and break. Another important factor to remember before you style your hair with heating products is coating your hair with a protective product. Nourishing creams and oils protect your hair from direct contact with the heat and cold and also provide it with extra sheen.


Wear a hat as often as possible to avoid exposing your hair to the cold. Hats lock moisture and protect your hair strands from the harsh cold. Use materials like silk and satin to maintain moist, healthy hair during winter. If you still experience hair loss and damage, you can visit hairdressing workshops or salons. Also, visiting your salon to get a trim at least once in eight weeks can help in maintaining healthy, lustrous hair.




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