Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Hair Colored

It doesn’t need the expert hairdressing training coloring services to let you know that hair is the most important accessory for you. It can make or break one’s personality. In fact, hair coloring is not a new idea. Ancient Greeks and Romans also used to color their hair. Today, 75 percent of American women color their hair, while in 1975 only 7 percent American women used hair dye.

Which color to choose

It is not simple to choose a hair color that suits you. This choice takes into account the natural color of your hair, skin tone and eye. The color of your hair is actually the reflection of light from the hair shaft. You have to choose the appropriate color shade for your hair, which is a combination of different pigmentation shades. The lightness or darkness of hair color as any hairdressing training coloring services would tell you is scaled on 1 to 10 levels with 10 being the lightest.

In other words, 1 is the darkest  black hair while 10 is the lightest hair color. So, level 9 blonde would be a shade lighter than level 8 blonde. Take the strand test to determine the right color for you. Mix a teaspoon color and a teaspoon of developer in a bowl, apply it to a small section of hair secured with a foil and clap to protect other hair. Rinse and dry. Check under different kinds of light to find whether you like it.   

Taking care of your colored hair

According to hairdressing coloring services, it is not only important to get your hair dyed in the color of your choice, but it is equally important to take proper care of your colored hair. It is always better to remember that, if you get your hair professionally colored then that treated hair will have special needs which must be met to keep you looking great for a long time to come.

First off, there are shampoos especially made for color treated hair. Hair color should be protected from drying or fading in the sun, so hats and hair sunscreens are recommended. When getting into a chlorine pool, it is recommended to rinse your hair with bottled spring water. Your treated hair needs to be conditioned regularly. While drying is recommended, over drying should be avoided and it is not recommended to brush wet hair.

You will definitely agree with hairdressing coloring services that hair treated with color can impart you great looks and personality. However, coloring your hair is a complex job that requires you to understand the color tone that will suit your personality and in addition, it requires you to take care of your treated hair for long term maintenance.  

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