Hairstyles That Suit Every Hair Type

Hairstyles influence your external appearance to a great extent. A proper or improper hairstyle can either build or ruin the aesthetic appeal of a face. This depends primarily on the style that you have chosen and whether it fits your face type and hair type. Like, we chose an outfit according to the body type and height etc, hairstyles need to be chosen carefully as well. In the following article we will discuss few hairstyles that suit every hair type and also a few particular styles you should avoid if you have a certain type of hair. It is particularly important to have a clear understanding of the basic principles governing the choice of a hairstyle for a particular hair-type if you are starting a career in hairdressing.

Hair Styles for Thick, Voluminous Hair

Thick hair is definitely a boon. Consider yourself very lucky if you have thick hair because most women will do almost anything to get some volume. So, now when your hair type has been determined, you should avoid getting short hairstyles which will accentuate the volume and chances are that your hair will look like an artificial wig. Go for easy curves and layered styles depending on whether your hair is wavy or straight. These styles will make sure that you can enjoy and elegant look without having to care about the management of thick hair.

Hair Styles that Suit Thin Hair

Thin hair has a tendency to become lifeless and flat very fast, one thing that a suitable hairstyle should be able to prevent. A layered bob, which gives a shabby or messy look keeping the hair looking lively, is the way to go for such type of hair. Like the hairdo carried by Jodie Foster, a flipped out cut will add some movement and volume to your hair. 

Hair Styles Suited for Tight Curls

You have been blessed with natural volume and movement if you have tight curls. Embrace your natural looks with various length, central partitioned hair style such that carried by Jada Pinkett Smith. Voluminous, full of life and a simple hair style like this will add a tinkle to your eye.

Hairstyles for Straight Coarse Hair

The problem that arises with coarse hair is that it tends to become heavy and when left long, the weight pulls down to make hair look flat and lifeless. A very short bob should also be avoided as due to coarse hair texture the style tends to look triangular. For people with such kind of hair, the hairstylist should add a lot of layers and try less to add volume, but concentrate more on distributing the weight. So now you have a fair idea on the different hairstyles if you are starting a career in hairdressing.

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