Making the Choice between Hair Straightening and Hair Smoothening

For those who have curly or frizzy hair, it is a very difficult task to tame their hair. This is why hair straightening treatments are very popular. In fact, you will find supermarket shelves filled with numerous products promising you straight hair. Every spa in the hairdressing business offers chemical treatments claiming to give you the smooth and straight hair.

How can hair straightening help you?

Hair straightening is a popular chemical treatment in hairdressing business which involves applying straightening chemicals to hair. It also involves using a ceramic hair straightener to spread the chemicals evenly on the hair as well as seal the chemical well. The process is carried out after washing and blow drying the hair properly.

Once the treatment is done, you cannot tie or pin your hair for 3 days to allow the chemicals to do their job. You cannot wash or wet your hair for the same reason. After three days, you can get your hair washed at the salon where you got your treatment done. After this, you can wash your hair as and when you wish.

The advantages of hair straightening treatments are that you will have straight and manageable hair every day and will never need to worry about frizzy hair. You will not waste any time in styling your hair and will never need to carry your straightener with you wherever you go.

How can hair smoothing help you?

Hair smoothing is also a similar process, except that your hair is also infused with keratin, which is a natural protein which keeps your hair glossy and healthy. When your hair is rough and brittle, ridges and cracks form on the hair surface. Keratin fills these cracks and smoothens your hair.

Professionals in the hairdressing business favor hair smoothing treatment as it is long lasting and safe for hair treated with color. These treatments last for up to three months, depending on how frequently you wash your hair. Hair smoothing is also a great way to save your styling time every day.

After a hair smoothing treatment, you must avoid washing or tying your hair for a few days and get the first wash at a salon. After that you are free to maintain your hair care regimen the way you want, minus the botheration of heat tools to straighten your hair.

Making the choice

You can decide which treatment is right for you. Both these methods can give you different results and  the appearance your hair get will thus be different. Hair straightening makes your hair poker straight, almost like ramrod, while hair smoothing gives it a more natural look.

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