Bringing Back Your Damaged Hair to Life

You may feel that you take good care of your hair and do nothing to damage your tresses. But do you know that simple things like washing your hair too often, towel drying your hair, and using flat or curl irons regularly can damage your hair? Add to it the pollution, heat, as well as dry and harsh winds, and you have the perfect recipe for damaged hair.

Repairing damaged hair

Professionals who have undergone hairdressing training courses can tell you many ways in which you can repair damaged hair. There are vitamins that can nourish your hair and repair the damage. Take a vitamin supplement that has minerals and amino acids as well. It will help bring luster to your hair and is also good for your body.

A hair therapy wrap is also a good option. A hair mask or hot oil treatment applied to the hair and covered with a good wrap made of soft fabric can work wonders for your hair. Not only will it restore the strength of your hair but will also bring back the shine and bounce.

Excessive hair breakage could also be caused due to dry and damaged hair. To undo the damage, hair serums are a good choice. Choose a good quality hair serum, rich in antioxidants, to nourish dry and brittle hair and bring a healthy sheen.

What you need to avoid

There are many natural ways in which your hair can get damaged. Cold and dry winds, harsh heat, and pollution already do enough damage to your hair. Along with these, you could be damaging your hair yourself. Those who are conversant with hairdressing training courses can advise you on what you must avoid to minimize the damage done to your hair.

Avoid washing your hair too frequently. It removes natural oils and makes your hair dry and brittle. Blow drying is another culprit which strips your hair off natural moisture and makes it prone to breakage. Even when using a towel to dry your hair, don’t wring your hair in the towel.

Avoid using hot irons that alter the structure of your hair. Rubber bands are also bad for your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair before and after washing. Avoid excessive coloring as it exposes your hair to many chemicals.

It is best to take the advise of professionals when it comes to treating damaged hair as they have taken hairdressing training courses and are experienced in the field. You can improve the texture of your hair by following their advice.


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