Hair Styles for Halloween

It is always a mad rush with Halloween around the corner. The most exciting thing about this festive season is the preparation for the perfect Halloween costume that is distinct and recognizable. Costumes of your favorite character along with matching hairstyles learnt through online hairdressing training will let everyone immediately know the part you are playing.

Getting the right look for Halloween

Halloween costumes are not only about ready-made costumes and matching accessories. Sometimes being creative with over the top make up and genius hairstyles can do the trick and effortlessly make you a part of the spooky element that is in the air. The great thing is that you can never really go wrong with Halloween dressing. Anything is great as long as you carry it with style and super fun.

The little preparation that is needed to get the costume, make-up and hairstyle right involves just a close look at your closet, a bit of imagination and Do It Yourself online hairdressing training to set the ball rolling. You can learn anything from crazy witch hair to dainty princess hair in a matter of just a few minutes and some really simple steps.

Hairstyles you can try

Here's some cool and simple Halloween hairstyles that you can try at home this Halloween:

    1. 1. For an ethereal look that is not evil, generously apply good quality mousse to your damp hair and blow dry. Create a parting in the middle and keep is consciously untidy and a little random. Take a section of hair and wrap it around a curling wand keep it away from your face. Keep it for almost half a minute and gently slide it off the hair. Repeat the action for other sections of hair for smooth curls all over and set by applying a hair spry to keep the curls intact.
    2. 2. If you want to go Disney (who doesn’t!), this is how you can get hair like Merida from ‘Brave’. All you have to do is wrap small sections of damp hair around regular drinking straws. Wind the hair tightly and tie the ends of the straw like the first knot of a show lace to keep the hair in place. Keep them overnight or dry them with a blow dryer for feisty curly hair. You can also color your hair red with temporary color that are available in spray cans for an authentic look to the hilt.
    3. 3. But if eerie is your style statement, you can get a perfect hairstyle in a matter of just a few minutes. Gather all your hair in a regular ponytail without brushing the hair. Bend your head completely forward and put a hair net to cover the hair. Let the hair fall naturally and you are transformed into a suave witch for the night!



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