Choosing the Right Hair Color

Hair color can really accentuate your features, your hair and even your attitude. Have you stayed away from experimenting with hair color simply because you can’t decide what hair color is for you? Now using hair color need not be complicated as help is available in the form of hairdressing training video lessons.

Get the color right

You might be choosing hair color to camouflage those annoying gray hair or simply to don a new, fun look. Whatever the case, the thumb rule when choosing hair color is to consider your natural skin tone, hair color, eye shade and even the color of your eyebrows. If you are experimenting with hair color for the first time, your best bet is to go with a shade or two lighter or darker than your natural tone.

As you start using hair color, more often, you will know that red and very pale blonde shades won’t go well if your skin has red or wheatish tone. So do you opt for hair lightening or darkening and how do you choose shades that will accentuate your best features as well as hide facial flaws? A little help from hair dressing training video lessons can enable you to make informed hair color decisions without settling for traditional boring shades.

Hair color after-care 

Hair coloring is best done by a hair care professional, especially if it is your first time or you are opting for drastic color changes or are looking to fix previous coloring mistakes. Any hair care expert will tell you that hair that is already dry, damaged and dull is not suitable for hair color.  This is because hair after coloring becomes even more sensitive, dry and susceptible to breakage and split- ends.

Colored hair requires more care and miniaturization, so make sure you go for hair products which are specifically manufactured for colored hair, so that colored hair retains its softness and moisture. It is also important to protect colored hair from direct exposure to the sun by using shampoos and conditioners that have SPF.

Also colored hair being more sensitive, brushing using wide toothed combs and gentle rubbing with soft towels after a shower is advisable.

Getting your hair color right need not be complicated as you just need to get back to basics. Today, more and more people are attempting hair color thanks to the numerous hair dressing training video lessons available online. Hair color when chosen wisely, and cared for well thereafter, can really put the color back to your life.  

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