Hair Color Trends for 2014

The start of each year is filled with new resolutions and new ambitions but have you considered giving yourself a makeover and freshening up your appearance a bit? Hair color is a great option to shake up your looks and breathe new life into your hair this new year.

What to try?

Vibrant colors are in this year as they last for a longer period of time. Hair care experts who also offer hairdressing training coloring services, suggest that hair color will be preferred  widely in 2014, ranging from pearl-essence tones to fuchsia, while newer techniques such as omber and balayage are expected to draw plenty of attention. Balayage delivers a “rooty”or more natural look while omber looks good when applied from scalp to ends.

One of the best colors you can opt for is 'radiant orchid' as it is versatile and modern. Deep hunter greens and olive complement radiant orchid while offering a beautiful combination when combined with light or teal yellows, or turquoise. Similar to other vibrant hues, radiant orchid has fine contrasting features with neutrals such as grays. For brunettes, hair care professionals offering hairdressing training coloring services can apply radiant orchid and balayage highlights, while omber highlights will work exceptionally on blondes.

Bold colors no more, subtlety is the key

Hair colors like blue and pink are no longer hip and will be seldom seen in 2014. Such colors are known to fade away quickly. They are preferred mostly by teenage girls and are not a hit among working-class and older women. Omber doesn’t make any major changes from darker shades to lighter hues, but rather offer a natural and effortless color evolution with the perfect dimension, thus providing exceptional results.

Apart from the bold and fun tones, the pearl-essence colors are gentle and offer gray and silver tones to younger women without making them appear aged. If you are not too sure about the right kind of hair color, you can always request your hair stylist to recommend shades that might best suit your looks. Glamorous roots, tousled and over-straightened hair are trends to keep away from in 2014.

The aforementioned colors are the most happening ones as we drift into 2014. Hair stylists have watched these shades trend among celebrities and at a variety of fashion shows. Having a change of hair color can significantly alter your appearance and make you look you nger and stylish.              


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