Qualities and Qualifications Required to be a Hairstylist

The fashion industry has grown significantly in the last few years and with it, the hairdressing industry has grown as well. As more and more emphasis is placed on the aesthetic appeal of an individual, the hairstyle one wears is being increasingly seen as a persons crowning glory. As a result, the opportunities available for hairdressing work are more than ever before.

Education and internships

As with most professions, no amount of education can beat actual hard work and experience. However, learning the craft through a well-developed course goes a long way into helping you become a well-nurtured hairstylist. Working as a hairstylist in the United States of America may require you to undergo a cosmetology or barber program that is recognized by the state that you choose to work in. However, some states in the country may require nothing more than a high school or equivalency diploma.

The American Association of Cosmetology Schools’ (AACS) website offers tremendous advice for individuals who are looking to pursue hairdressing work. Those interested can have a look at the various aspects of courses available and why it is important to know about certain areas such as sanitization and sterilization, hair shaping, texturing, color methods, hair extensions, permanent waving and salon management.

Skills required

Hairdressing work is a very skill-based profession and, despite going through extensive course training, you will not be a good hair-stylist if you have no skill. Hairstylists are not given the credit they deserve considering the amount of skill the craft requires. The dexterity required in the hands and fingers is akin to that found in surgeons. It is highly important that you have great interpersonal skills. Being able to understand and achieve exactly what your client wants is of the utmost importance and focus on customer satisfaction cannot be compromised.

Since hairdressing work is a big part of the fashion industry, it is essential that a hairstylist keep his or her finger on the fashion pulse of the country at all times. Since celebrities influence a lot of clients and their hair-do’s it is important to know exactly what the client is referring to when they point out the look they are trying to achieve.

All in all, hairdressing work takes a lot of talent as well as being able to make a person feel comfortable and trust in your skill. As mentioned earlier, no amount of education beats actual experience and temping in a salon while you attend college will go a long way into helping you learn the trade from the masters.



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