Winter Hair-care Tips

Come winter, and we are all full of skin and hair woes. Extreme climactic changes can make your hair lose all the sheen and become dull and lifeless. Though it is easier said than done, anybody in the hairdressing business will vouch for the fact that it is important to take care of your hair in winter to keep it strong and healthy.

What to do in winter for your hair

To keep your hair protected and healthy in winter, you can try regular oiling. Use some good quality olive oil or hair treatment oils and massage your scalp and hair to replenish the moisture content which gets ruined in harsh, dry winters. This will protect your hair from the wear and tear they are subjected to regularly.

Professionals from the hairdressing business also suggest that air drying hair is the best way to dry your hair even in winter. If you feel too cold, you must ensure you don’t use the hairdryer on dripping wet hair. Squeeze out as much water as possible with the help of some towels and then use the dryer at a cool setting.

You should also make sure that you have completely dry hair before you leave home. Damp hair will not only give you a bad cold, but also become brittle and prone to breakage when exposed to cold air.

What not to do

Though you must be tempted to avoid bathing and shampooing to keep yourself warm, it is absolutely necessary that you must shampoo regularly and keep your hair and scalp clean. If you keep your hair dirty or oily for too long, you may ruin your hair yourself.

Another mistake to avoid is using very hot water for washing your hair. It is not as if you should use cold water, but avoid hot water as it could make your hair dry and frizzy. Warm or lukewarm water is best and safest for washing your hair in winters.

Another mistake that we often make is that of touching our hair too often. If you have a hairstyle that needs you to run a brush on your hair every now and then, you must change it as too much manipulation of hair can cause split ends and hair loss also. Make a fish tail braid or a top knot and you are sorted for the day - no touch ups needed.

Professionals who are familiar with the hairdressing business say that taking care of hair in winters is not all that difficult; you only need to exercise some caution and care. With some simple do’s and don'ts you can take care of your crowning glory even in winters easily.


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