Easy Ways to Bring Life to Your Hair

No one likes dry, lifeless and unkempt hair, which can mar even the prettiest face. However, with indiscriminate use of shampoos, gels, sprays and heat treatments for straightening hair, it tends to lose the natural sheen and becomes dull and lifeless. However, help is at hand and however far you are gone as far as you hair is concerned, you can bring it back to life.

Everything your hair will love you for

Your hair needs to be nourished and well taken care of in order to regain its original sheen. It pays to resist the temptation to pick up the hair straightener that you lovingly acquired. Constant use of hair straightners can cause damage and breakage to hair strands and even lead to melting, if used too very often. The same goes for using blow driers, instead of which you can try drying by rubbing vigorously with a towel, and give it some extra time to dry naturally.
In short anything to do with heat is taboo. Hence, don’t use a curling iron, instead of which you can try other curling techniques where using heat is not involved. Once you are done, try not to straighten your hair strands and try to tie it up loosely in a braid or bun. Tight ponytails may look chic; however the tension they place on your hair strands can cause them to break.  Moreover, the less heat your hair is exposed to, the more it will love you, as it gives your hair to recoup in a surprisingly short time.

Habits to give up on

You need to realize that it is your hair, and ordinary drugstore hair care brands just won’t do. The run of the mill drug store brands are full of alkalines, not to mention the harsh chemicals and acids that go into its making. All these tend to strip the natural nutrients and color present in your hair, and tend to make it look bland and lifeless. Instead, try salon brands that are formulated specially to nurture and protect hair.  
Just as the human body is made up of proteins present in the organs, muscles and immune system, your hair too thrives on protein. Whenever there is shortage of protein, your hair tends to lose sheen and appear lifeless. Excessive styling, exposure to heat and tension can rob your hair of the essential protein. People frequently highlighting or coloring their hair too are at risk, as they drain away the protein present in hair.
Most of us are endowed with naturally great hair, and with a bit of pruning and styling, everything should be fine. Hair care has a lot more to it than mere straightening or curling, which can only damage hair. It pays to literally ‘let down your hair’ and give it a chance to get back to its original, bouncy state.

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