Top Hairdressing Training Courses to Pursue a Hair Styling Career

Cosmetology instructors, runway designers, colorists, hairstylists, and barbers are always needed in the world of fashion and glamour. If you want to follow a career in hair dressing, there are many hairdressing courses which can help you become a professional in the field you choose.  Given below are some major hairdressing courses offered to students who want to pursue careers in hairdressing.

Cosmetology training

Cosmetology covers a variety of hairdressing training courses. If you have a license for cosmetology, you will be able to perform many hairdressing services like styling, straightening, haircuts, colors, and perms. Cosmetology training programs concentrate more on basic perming, coloring, and cutting techniques. The course is usually conducted for 1,200 to 2500 hours and is offered in many beauty and hairdressing training programs. After the required number of hours of the cosmetology course is met, the student will be allowed to give a test. After the student passes the test, she is viable to get a license from the board.

Barber school

Barber cutting is a little different from hairstyling. Barbers use straight razors, notching and thinning shears, long scissors, trimmers, and clippers to cut hair. The professionals concentrate on haircutting for men and use techniques like taping, razor cutting, and fades to create different hairstyles. Barbers are also taught skin care and shaving techniques for men. The course is offered along with other hairdressing programs, although it may be optional. Students need to attend the course for a certain number of hours and pass a test in order to get a barber’s license.

Runway design

Runway hairdressing training courses involve styling for hair shows, fashion events, and beauty shows. Students are taught to develop skills like fantasy styling, weaving, braiding, and avant garde hairstyling. Runway hairdressing courses are mostly offered by top salons. You can also find runway design competitions on the Internet. Students who want to pursue a runway hairdressing course can participate in these competitions to show their skills and win a scholarship in hairdressing.

Colorist courses

Learning how to color hair and how to take care of colored hair is one of the common courses offered in hairdressing programs. But if you want to become a master colorist, you may have to complete additional courses. Master colorists stay updated with latest coloring techniques and styles of coloring and highlighting hair. Any organizations offer certified coloring courses. Students need to take an exam after completing these hairdressing training courses in order to become a fully qualified colorist.

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