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HairdressingTraing-homestudy.com (our old domain name; Hairworkscentral.com) is a Canadian online hairdressing school / hairdressing salon, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where we have operated a hairdressing salon for over twenty years.

training for hairdressing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

As owners of HairdressingTraing-homestudy.com, we are committed to making your online shopping experience as simple, convenient and secure as possible. To prevent credit card fraud all purchases through our websites are made through paypal.

We offer you a course on hairdressing that is one of a kind. It's a complete home study program in hairdressing which consists of 29 dvds. You learn everything from the basics to the more advanced hairdressing techniques (no hairdressing experience required). In addition, we can also provide for you all the hairdressing accessories and equipment so that you can practice the techniques that you have learned from our hairdressing training DVDs.

Our professional hairdressing DVD course is designed for anyone interested in entering the field of hairdressing, but who does not have the time or money to complete a full-time hairdressing course. If you would like to learn professional hairdressing without ever leaving the comfort of your home, and while minimizing all unnecessary costs (transportation costs, school fees, your valuable time, etc), our video training series is for you.

A hairdresser of 30 years experience performs all hairdressing tasks on each and every lesson.

Perfect for:

  • Mothers who find it difficult to bring their children to a hairdressing salon.
  • Anyone who enjoys hairdressing as a hobby.
  • Anyone who wishes to discover how fun and easy it is to learn hairdressing.

Can't afford to purchase the DVDs? Don't worry, our course is also available online for a fraction of the price; see our memberships page for further details on our professional online hairdressing course

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