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Blow-drying modern cut for women (V6L2)

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Why Should You Blow Dry Hair?

Most women think blow drying hair is dangerous and damages the strands as well as the scalp. Truth is that blow drying helps in styling hair very well that in turn allows women to maintain their hair in a better way. There are many benefits of blow drying hair and a few of them are listed below.

Save time

Drying the hair and styling with a blow dryer takes very less time and effort. If your client is in a hurry to leave for an appointment after a haircut, you can style it easily in a couple of moments using a blow dryer.

Safe for health

Leaving the hair damp and exposed to cool air can often lead to health issues. Clients can catch a cold or flu if they are exposed to an air-conditioned environment even for a few minutes. Blow drying allows you to quickly dry their hair and reduce any chances of risking their health.

Styling on dry hair

Many styling products like hair paste or wax should be used on dry hair for better results. This is because they do not adhere well to wet hair. Blow drying will give you perfectly dry hair that can be styled as you desire without creating any mess. The styling will also be precise without have strands poking out in awkward positions.

Straightening with a blow dryer

Pin straight hair can be achieved easily using a blow dryer without causing any damage to the hair. Once the hair is washed and conditioned, you can just style it using a brush and a hot blow dryer until the ends are completely straight. As soon as the blow drying is complete, you can apply a bit of wax or hairspray at the ends to lock the style for hours.

Get that volume

Women usually achieve more volume in their hair by teasing the roots. This damages the hair shaft, causing breakage or fall. It is easy to achieve more volume or practically any style with blow drying techniques. You do not need a straightener or a curling iron if you learn how to produce all kinds of styles by using a simple blow dryer.

Error? Try again

If the hair is not styled proper, curling iron or straighteners cannot effectively be used to set it right. A blow dryer can be used to correct any problems while styling by adusting heat and airflow within a few moments.

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Blowdrying modern cut for women (V6L2)



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