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What’s Trending in Hair Colors for 2013?

Blond colored hairThere are surveys conducted every year to check how many women opt for hair coloring, and the results show that nearly 80% of women color their hair. Whether it is to cover grays or find a refreshing new look, hair coloring can never go out of trend. There are millions of tips and tricks that can help you master hair coloring techniques to produce a great makeover. You can watch our video tutorial to learn the basics of hair coloring. Here are a few trends in hair coloring for this year.

 Highlight the tips

Highlighting the ends photoA trend that developed among school going students and those with short hair, highlighting the ends is seeing a great rave in 2013 among everyone. Men and women alike, regardless of their age are choosing funky colors to dye the ends of their hair leaving the rest natural. This style serves two purposes, including being extremely fashionable. The second advantage is that the ends can be cut off to try another style anytime.

Snazzy highlights and lowlights

Colored bangs photoStreaks of different shades other than natural hair color shades have become quite popular. Similar to Avril Lavigne’s pink or green patched hair, boys and girls choose to sport snazzy colors to spice up their look. Red, blue, green, yellow, pink, or any other vibrant color can add great definition to any kind of hairstyle, immediately jazzing up the look.




Brunette, blonde, or both

Brown colored hairPopular since 2007, the perfect blend of brunette and blonde seems to be making its way through the college crowd this year. Women with long hair styles and men with layered styles prefer to go for this style to produce a beach blonde effect. Combined with multi-shaded tone-in-tone colors, the bronde hair colors provide a great depth, glow, and definition to hair. It makes hair look thick and dense, and so provides a sense of increased volume.

Bleach a little here and there

bleached hair photoUsing bleach to achieve harmonized shades is becoming a popular trend in 2013. By painting bleach on the hair with a brush, you can blend in different shades of the same hair color. Ensure that all hair strands are not completely bleached and expose them to varying degrees of bleaching effects. This produces highlights, and offers great tonal variation to the hair.

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