Create stunning short hairstyles with a blow-dryer

Working with short hair can be fun, as it gives you a wide area to experiment with different hairstyles. Use various hair products and apply different blow-drying techniques to achieve brilliant results.

Blow-dry and finger combing

You can add more volume to lifeless, thin hair using a simple blow-drying technique. Wash and condition the hair with voluminizing hair products. Drain excess water from the hair and apply a gel or mousse to the hair roots for styling. Blow-dry the hair while running your fingers through it. Direct the air towards the roots, to add extra lift and volume to the style. Finger combing photos

Messy styled bob

 Wash the hair and roughly dry it on a medium heat and airflow. Spray a little styling wax on the hair, and work with your fingers to add volume near the roots. This will produce an unwashed and messy styled bob. Apply a shine serum on the bangs and blow-dry it towards the side for a glossy finish. Messy-styled bob photos

 Messy side-swept bangs

For a quick and chic updo, take small sections of hair, spritz them with hairspray, and twist them in bobby pins at the back of the head producing a messy effect. Spray a little voluminizer near the roots of the bangs, and blow-dry them while sweeping them towards the side of the forehead. Finish the style using a firm hold hairspray. Messy side-swept bangs photos

Eliminating frizz during blow-dry

Some women have frizzy hair that is hard to tame. Applying anti-frizz hair products before styling can help. You could even apply mousse, through the length of the hair, and dry the entire head of hair with a blow-dryer at low heat. Curl hair around the face, inwards, so as to frame the face, and scrunch the curls a little to blend the look and make it look natural.

Blow-drying a bob

A bob is usually blowdried inwards. It also needs to have a flowing movement that comes from deep conditioning. To blow-dry a bob, place the hair in large-sized rollers and blow-dry the hair on low heat. After removing the rollers, you can again blow-dry with a low airflow-rate and heat, to set the look. If you have bangs, lightly curl them at the ends, or blow-dry them to fall straight on the forehead.

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