Question. What is the best way to prevent hair dye from staining the hairline around the face?
Answer. The best prevention is to distribute evenly some 'skin protector' cream all along the hairline prior to coloring. Make sure to keep the cream off the hair itself or the white roots might not color. Pull all hair away from face and apply petroleum jelly all along the entire hairline about one inch away from the hairline, as well apply it around the ears, behind ears, and nape (if hair is quite short).
When coloring, apply the dye very carefully, coloring as little as possible past the hairline, without missing any white roots. Even if you do everything right (as described above), the level of staining all depends on individual's skin and the color's level. Some skins stain more than others (are more porous). Also, using demi, semi and permanent color levels below level 5, stain quite a bit.

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