Question. How can I remove stains from hair dyes?
Answer. The best way is to simply use shampoo (but the trick is without using any water) prior to washing the hair dye out of the hair. Scrub the forehead, section by section, all around the hairline moisturizing the hair dye with the shampoo. Once the hair line is moistened all around, rince with water while continuing to scrub off the stains. If you still have stains after washing and towel drying the hair, apply some stain remover solution onto a small rag or sponge. Keep scrubbing but very lightly so the skin will not get irritated (turn red).
There are also a few home remedies that will remove hair dye stains described below; a slice of lemon, nail polish remover, cigarette ashes with shampoo, anti-bacterial soap mixed with baking soda, rubbing alcohol, Vaseline or baby oil left on stains overnight, warm water and anti-bacterial soap, vinegar, ajax, and milk. Always remember after rincing to moisturize your skin. ATTENTION: Some of these solutions must be used with extreme care making sure not to get these chemicals into your eyes, nose or mouth when cleansing and rinsing your face. Use these solutions at your own risk.


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