Question. I have wavy hair and I would like to make my curls stand out (more defined). How can I do that?
Answer. Shampoo and towel dry your hair. Apply a styling gel or mousse and comb it through using a wide toothcomb (like a coloring comb). Tilt your head upside down and while diffuser is on, scrunch up as much hair as you can onto the diffuser and bring diffuser as close to the roots as possible. Hold diffuser for 10-20 seconds.

Repeat all throughout the head until hair is semi dry. If you dry the hair completely upside down, it might be too puffy on the roots, unless you want that result. If you do not want puffy roots, once hair is semi-dried, continue drying your hair on the upright position. Once done you may apply hairspray but it’s not needed. If your hair is naturally wavy, this setting should last you until your next hair wash. You can revive the hair by simply lightly spraying some water onto the hair and scrunching it with your hands or diffuser. Do NOT comb the hair, ever.


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