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Insider Secrets on How to Find the Best Hairdresser

Hair matters, so finding the best hairdresser is high on many of our readers’ priority list. We thought Christopher Hopkins of Minneapolis, Mn. Also known as ‘The Makeover Guy,’ recently shared  some  good tips on how to find your best hairdresser. Here’s what he had to say.

  • Ask someone with a great haircut — Christopher advises seeking out someone with a fabulous haircut and asking them who their hair stylist  is. “Some of my most devoted clients have come from referrals from this type of situation”. This is the #1 answer hair stylists agree upon in order to find a great stylist.
  • Schedule a consultation – Schedule a consultation with the hairdresser to ‘test them out’. This is a great idea because it gives you time to meet and see if you click. It’s also a scheduled time to give some hair history; to let them know who you are, what’s important to you about how you look, and how much time you are willing to spend on your hair. You’ll know intuitively if you are both on the same page. If not, there is no harm done and no hair lost!
  • Do an Internet search –Search for the best hairdresser on the Internet. Seek out hair salons in your area and you are sure to find many online reviews about different salons and hairdressers, both good and bad. Chris suggests searching under, beauty salons, salons, spas, makeovers and hair cutting. Try searching terms like; best, award-winning, and top.
  • Seek out associates at better apparel stores – Ask the sales associates at fashion forward stores. Since these guys and gals are usually up-to-date on the best fashion trends, they are probably up-to-date on the best hair stylists and salons around too. Find an associate whose hair you adore and ask them for their recommendations.
  • Ask the salon owner – You know what happens if you call a hair salon and ask for their ‘best stylist’. You’ll hear something like, “they are all good.” So why not put your request in an email to the owner, who is in the position to help you out. Be sure to include what you are looking for in a hairdresser and some information about yourself and your hair type too. With this information, they will have the information needed for suggesting the best hairdresser for you!

Thanks Christopher . . . great suggestions!

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