How To: Humid-Resistant Straight Hair in the Summer

You’ve seen those models in shampoo commercials? Yes, the ones with smooth and silky hair that is stick straight hair and also comes with a glossy sheen. If you thought those models are born with it, then the advertising people behind them has got you wrapped around their pinky. Even though waves are the fad lately, we’ve all had those days wherein we dreamed of having smooth and silky hair. It takes patience, the right products, and good techniques. However, the hot and humid days of summer might add extra challenge when trying to style your hair straight.

Below are some of the essential styling techniques you have to keep in mind so you can have straight hair that resists humidity:

Straight Smooth and Silky Hair

It starts in the shower

Unless you are born with super sleek and straight hair, you need to use a lot of heat to submit your hair into ultimate straightening. This, however, can be extremely damaging to your hair. A good shampoo and conditioner can, therefore, address these issues. Preferably, buy your shampoo and conditioner from a salon to ensure the quality, as well as to insure it is free from sulfates. If you can find a production line that specifically caters to keeping your hair smooth and straight, go for it.

Straight Smooth and Silky Hair

A good straightening balm is your friend

Using a straightening balm or smoothing cream is the best way to achieve sleek but straight hair. It also provides an additional layer of protection on your hair against heat damage; hence, you can use them on your hair prior to using your heat styling tools.

Straight Smooth and Silky Hair Dirty Blonde

Dry your hair thoroughly

Make sure that your hair is completely dry before you step out into the hot, humid weather. When your hair has some moisture left in it, it becomes extremely prone to frizz and flyaways when comes in contact with heat or wind.

Straight Smooth and Silky Hair Blonde

Work with your hair in sections

It is important that you work your hair in sections if you want to achieve smooth and silky hair that can bust humidity. This ensures that every bit of hair is dried completely. In addition, you can work on every strand so they are more likely to stay straight. It will take you more time to dry and style your hair, but it will be worth the extra effort.

Simultaneously dry and straighten hair

When you dry your hair, avoid clipping the section of hair that you just dried. This could leave dents and waves in your hair, which you do not want. Instead, immediately use the flat iron on your hair after you have dried it. This will save you time so you can speed up the straightening process.

Straight Smooth and Silky Hair Gwenth Paltrow

Invest in the right brush

As with any form of styling, you need to use a brush as you style your hair. In the case of achieving pin-straight hair, use a paddle brush instead of a round brush. A paddle brush is ideal for curling or creating more bounce to your hair. Using a brush as you style helps the hair settle fairly quickly.

Use a high quality flat iron

If you expect to get beautifully straight hair, you need to use the best flat iron. Go for professional brands if you can afford them as they give the best results. You need to do some research on the most recommended flat irons, as well as the ones that get the most positive feedback.

Straight Smooth and Silky Hair Brunette with Carmel Highlights

Sealing is key

To ensure that your straight hair can fight humidity and stay straight, always use an anti-humidity hair spray to finish off your styling effort. This will give more hold to your hair so they can resist frizz formation caused by humidity.

What is your secret to humid-resistant straight hair?

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