Hairdressing DVDs with certification (CERTIFICATE)

Course option 2B - Practical aspect of hairdressing only

Learn hairdressing at home and get your CERTIFICATE upon completion of all DVD lessons of Volume I, II, III, & V (a total of 22 of 29 DVDs). Theoretical and practical exams must be passed.

Course information

Duration of course is 12 months. This course costs $700 and includes one hour of one-to-one tutoring2 (prior to each lesson's practical exam) per DVD purchased (total tutoring for 22 DVDs).
The practical exams must be done at school on a mannequin (supplied by student) or on a live client (supplied by the student).
Hairdressing accessories are not included3

Course estimation

$700.00 - Course cost
$369.99 - Current Cost of DVDs
$700.00 - Hairdressing kit (optional)
Course cost +  Cost of DVDs + Cost of hairdressing kit = Total cost of course


  • To purchase our hairdressing DVDs please visit
  • Study each DVD at home. When ready, schedule an exam date and pass by our school to take your practical exam.
  • Pass all exams and get your CERTIFICATE.

Payment options

A payment of $700 is due upon registration.
*** Cash, paypal or certified cheques are accepted only.

Refund policies

NO REFUND to the price of the course after the 2nd hour of private tutoring. The hours of tutoring already done are NOT REFUNDABLE.

All DVD lessons are NON-RETURNABLE & NON-REFUNDABLE. Due to the educational content we do not accept returns nor do we give any refunds. Only replacement due to material defect by the factory only NOT by the customer.

Each graduate of our course is eligible to a $100 cash back for each person referred to our course (only if that person completes the course and receives his/her diploma).


  1. Standard Textbook of Cosmetology, 2000 edition. Textbook is available in English or Spanish only.
  2. Additional tutoring (above the 1rst hour) - $20 per hour.
  3. Any hairdressing kits or individual hairdressing accessories can be purchased from our website.

All prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, at any time and for any reason.

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