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A Short Guide to Wedding Hair Care

When the time comes for women to go shopping for white dresses, they also become extremely conscious of their diet, skin, and hair. Days before weddings do take a toll on women and often stress them out so much that hair care routines can go horribly wrong. Here are a few tips you can give to your bride-to-be clients so they can have gorgeous hair at the altar on their favorite day.

Lock in a hairstyle

The first thing a bride-to-be needs to do is pick out a hairstyle she wants to wear on her wedding day. The sooner she chooses, the better it is for only then can she prepare for the hair length, color, cut, texture, and other such aspects. It also helps in shopping for hair accessories that can make her hairstyle grab the stage at her wedding.

Hair spas are a must

As hair gets damaged over time due to exposure to heat, bad hair products, and dust, women need to treat their hair with oils, herbal packs, and massages every fortnight. These treatments will slowly reinstate the hair strands and scalp to the original health, bringing back bounce and shine.

Diet to please the locks

Needless to say, all women will be health-conscious during the days leading to their wedding. However, advise them to include a lot of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and leafy vegetables along with consuming lots of water to promote hair growth and nourishment.

Avoid heat styling

Although heat styling will produce great results, advise women to avoid blow-drying, straightening, or curling their hair for a month before their wedding. This will help the hair to stay healthy after all the spa treatment and prepare the locks for the big day.

Stop being a product junkie

Herbal products are likely to nourish the hair more than chemical hair products. Enlighten your clients about various herbal oils, hair packs, shampoos, conditioners, and more that they can use during this period. Chemicals often prevent the hair follicles and scalp from breathing freely and lead to gradual hair damage.

Color it now

A month before the big day is the perfect time to color the hair or get highlights since it leaves ample time for the color to set. Give them various choices in colors and types of streaks like highlights and lowlights to ensure they look absolutely gorgeous on their wedding day.

Protect and nourish

Washing and conditioning the hair is very important in the week before the wedding since it ensures that the hair is clean and nourished. Soon, the big day comes and your client will look stunning in that style she picked out a few months ago. It’ll be a dream that came true!

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