Bacteria can be found anywhere that there is dust or dirt. It can exist  in water, in air, on clothing, or on the skin. In a salon environment, a disease can be easily transmitted from unclean hands, unclean hairdressing accessories, dirty towels and drinking cups, etc.

Combs, brushes, rollers that are not clean can cause contagious diseases or infections. Bacteria can be destroyed by disinfectants not by boiling. The procedure of making some object free of bacteria that are harmful is called sterilization. It is the most effective method for killing germs.

Disinfectants are used on hairdressing accessories, while antiseptics are used on the skin. When using disinfectants use caution by wearing gloves and safety glasses. To properly disinfect a surface area first clean the area with a cleaner, then apply a disinfectant. Leave disinfectant for 10-15 minutes, and then wipe dry the surface using a clean damp cloth.

In a hairdressing salon you can use ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol  to disinfect hairdressing accessories, like brushes, combs, etc. To be effective, the strength of ethyl alcohol must be greater than 70% and the strength of isopropyl alcohol must be greater than 99%.

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