I am loving the 29 DVD's. I went through some of the cuts already, but, I have skipped a few chapters to the coloring / streaks demonstrations. I was curious to see what demonstrations were made on them. What I love about the coloring section is the different techniques shown. In the cutting section it clearly explains the angles to use when cutting the hair, and in the blowdrying section the best; is the way it shows the angle of which to hold the brush and how the hair will fall using that technique. I like the preview section, explaining what brushes are used and for what hair type they are suited for. All, in all, I am excited to continue watching all the videos and then using the techniques I learn here on my clients. This dvd course is giving me the confidence I need to one day open my own little hair salon business. Honestly, I am learning more from these dvd's than i did in hairdressing school. And with practice and confidence anyone can achieve their goals!

Natalie, Quebec, Canada

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