Using the correct hair products for the job

Hairdressing – Using Hair Gels, Sprays, and Mousse

The job of a hairdresser is one that many fancy. This job requires a good knowledge about fashion and a lot of hard work. There are many hair styling products available in the market. But you need to know which one is best for the style your customer wants and how you use them. Below are some details that will give insight into the right kind of product, what they do, and how to use them.

Hair Gels – Perfect for short hairstyles

Hair gel is mostly used for styling short hair. Hair gels come in tubes or plastic containers. It can be used to style strands of hair or create a rocker look. For styling the hair take an ample amount of gel in your hands and rub it into the roots of the hair using your finger tips. Make sure that no clumps are formed because this will ruin the style you are trying to achieve. Make sure you evenly apply hair gel over the complete hair area. It is better to apply the gel systematically on the hair to create the desired look.

If you want your hair to get a wet look, take ample amount of gel and apply it directly on wet hair and then let it dry. Do not use a hair dryer. If you are working with dry hair, take a blob of hair in your palms and apply hair gel on it. Leave it to dry without using a dryer.

Hairspray for a different look

Hairspray helps to hold hair in place while retaining the bouncy look. It can be used while drying hair. You can spray some amount of hairspray and roll the hair around using a round brush. This will hold the hair in place for a long time. It is better to hold the can a few centimeters away from the hair while spraying.

Depending of the hair style you are trying to achieve here are some steps to follow. For a natural look, keep the hairspray can at least 30 centimeters away from the hair, and spray it while blow-drying. If your customer has come in to do some hairstyle for a big occasion, then you can try a sophisticated look. Even for this look the can should be held a few centimeters away from the hair while spraying. Make sure to pay special attention to places where strands of hair tend to come loose.

You can tease the hair to give you volume, by spraying on the teased area for extra hold. Then gently comb out only the outer section of the teased section. See our video on how to tease hair.

Know your hairsprays

There are two different categories of hairsprays;

  • Aerosols
  • Non-aerosols

Aerosols that are in a can, give you less hold for a more natural or tousled look (Make something, esp. a person's hair untidy). Aerosols are excellent for long hair.

Non-aerosols, usually come in plastic bottles. The product’s contents gets pumped out by pressing and releasing on the pump. Non-aerosols give you more of a hold than aerosols. It is excellent for keeping a hairstyle in place, for short styled hair, and for updos requiring extra hold.

You can use an aerosol hairspray on section(s) of the hair that might require a temporary hold and finish the hairstyle with a firmer hold from a non-aerosol hairspray.

You can use either an aerosol or non-aerosol to control flyaways (hair that is full of static), but the only difference when you use an aerosol you can run your fingers through the hair, while with a non-aerosol you cannot. The hair is much stiffer when you use a non-aerosol.

To understand the difference between aerosol and non-aerosol hairspays, take a look at our FREE hairdressing video on rollers (V2L1) – check our video to see if aerosol is used. Once you take a section of the hair, tease it, and fix it in place you will use an aerosol hairspray. Once the complete head is done you use a non-aerosol hairspray for extra hold for the finished look.

Mousse for Volume

Mousse can be used to add volume to hair. Using mousse at the end of a hairstyling session will also leave the hair smelling great. For someone with a regular look apply the mousse all over the head while the hair is still wet, but make sure you fluff the hair while applying it. To increase volume, apply it along the length of the hair and then blow-dry the hair.
If you want to achieve a natural look, first make partitions of the hair then apply the mousse and let it dry naturally. To enhance the look of your customer’s curls, apply the mousse all over the head making sure that no hair is left untouched. Then with the head bent down, blow-dry the hair in a circular motion (using a diffuser).

You can use wax or pomade for defining the hair. You take an individual strand of hair, rub a small amount of the product on your fingertips, and lightly drag your fingers onto the complete strand following the direction of the hairstyle.

Although both products are used for defining the hair, wax and pomade are NOT the same. Wax has more of a hold than pomade. A wax gives more of a mat finish, while a pomade gives more of a shine. You may mix both products together if you wish.

Other products of interest

There are a vast number of products that are out there and new ones that come out every day. Your best bet is to read the directions on how to use each product and for what end-result.

For example, there are heat-activated straightening creams (or smoothing creams) that are applied on curly or frizzy wet hair, just prior to blow drying, in order to prolong the straightness of the hair. There is another product called flat iron spray (from RUSK), that gives you smooth shinny hair.

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