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Jennifer Aniston’s Most Popular Hairstyles in Friends TV Series

Jennifer Aniston has experimented widely with her hair, and the transformation from the first to the last season of Friends has been quite amazing. Aniston is still known for her trademark hairstyles and will always remain a popular and beloved hair icon for every woman. Some of the hairstyles she sported in Friends are mentioned below.

Curly layers

An iteration of The Rachel, in 1996, Aniston was seen sporting hazel brown layered curls that made her look more attractive than ever. The world already had Rachel’s copycats and with this look, she had a growing fan population.

The Rachel

Aniston’s hairstyle in the first few seasons of Friends was coveted by thousands of women all over the world, catapulting her to be a popular hair icon with one of the most emulated hairstyles of the 1990s. The style is a layered shag cut with a bounce to it, accentuated by highlights and lowlights.

Pin straight is always trendy

In 1997, a few seasons into Friends, Aniston was never seen without straight hair. Although her gorgeous curls looked lovely in a short hairstyle, Aniston began to be envied for her honey-colored straight hair on and off the screens.

The bronde straight hair

A typical Aniston hairstyle in Friends was pin straight beach bronde hair that has become her trademark ever since. The style won her great praise for proving that she can pull off anything when it comes to fashion and hair.

Monica and Chandler’s wedding

The elegant fully swept bun threw everyone off their game when Aniston appeared on screen in Chandler and Monica’s wedding. Allowing her honey-colored straightened hair to be pinned up with a few strands framing her face, Aniston flaunted her beautiful eyes, gorgeous smile, and stunning looks in the episode.

Rachel gets pregnant

In 2001, Aniston chopped off her long tresses and went for a regular bob with multi-shaded harmonized blonde and brown tones. She pulled off her California girl look with yet another chic style that set a trend among her fan base.

Surf those waves

During the last seasons of Friends, Aniston sported beach tousled wavy hairstyles with hues of brown and blonde that encouraged her fans to embrace their curls.

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